Inspired by nature, painted by petals.

Soft, raw cotton is layered with a mixture of locally foraged and collected botanicals and salvaged floral waste from local florists, rolled and steamed to coax the most delicate of natural inks and imprints onto the fabric. After unwrapping, the fabric is gently simmered in a dye bath of madder root dye to achieve the lightest blush pink. The dyed fabric is then carefully cut and sewn into square coasters with calico backing and wadding.

Gift them to your next party’s host or have them in your own home - these delicate beauties are a unique way of decorating with nature and are sure to be a lovely conversation starter at dinner.

Because of the handmade nature and unique dyeing technique, these are one of a kind pieces, each one slightly different from the other.

Dyed with madder root, sycamore, eucalyptus and rose leaves.
In sets of 4 pieces; approx. 4” x 4” (10 x 10cm) each.

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