PETAL PAINTINGS Silk Scrunchies in Winter Hues

PETAL PAINTINGS Silk Scrunchies in Winter Hues


One of a kind scrunchies made from salvaged silk and hand dyed naturally with sustainably sourced botanicals.

Salvaged shantung silk is scattered with botanicals, rolled and wrapped and steamed gently, creating delicate petal paintings on fabric to make these one of a kind scrunchies. Each one is unique and no two pieces are ever identical. A lovely everyday accessory that adds a pop of colour without the effort, it’s also great for stacking up with bracelets for an effortless boho vibe. Silk’s protein fibre structure also helps to maintain healthy hair and tame curls by retaining hair moisture and preventing hair breakage, making this a thoughtful and beautiful gift.

Because of the handmade nature and unique dyeing technique, these are one of a kind pieces, each one slightly different from the other but just as gorgeous.

Dyed with cochineal, madder root, marigolds, annatto, roses and blue butterfly pea flowers.
Approx. 1¾” (4.5cm) wide, max. 8” (20cm) long.

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