Natural Dyeing Basics

Dive into the world of natural dyeing and learn how to extract pigments from plants, flowers and kitchen waste to colour fabric and paper in a sustainable, non-toxic way. We’ll work with several easily accessible plant pigments during the workshop to dye and colour swatches and explore the factors that affect dye outcomes, which will give you the knowledge to continue your natural dyeing journey at home.

This workshop will teach you how to:

  • Prepare your fabric and paper for dyeing

  • Extract pigments from plants and kitchen waste

  • Create a spectrum of colours with the use of modify substances

  • Test your dyed fabric and paper for wash and light fastness

  • Care for your naturally dyed pieces

Bundle Dyeing

Transform fading boquets, homegrown or gathered botanicals into unique keepsake pieces through the magical process of natural dyeing alchemy. We’ll explore different techniques to coax pigments from easily accessible plant matter onto fabric and paper to achieve variety of effects through bundle dyeing. At the end of the workshop, you’ll bring home a one of a kind botanical-infused piece, the knowledge to continue experimenting at home and a fresh outlook on every plant you encounter!

This workshop will cover:

  • Preparing your fabric and fibre for the dyeing process

  • Botanicals you can use and how to prepare them

  • Different bundling techniques and the results you can achieve from them

  • How to care for your naturally dyed pieces

BYO Organic Indigo

Come experience one of the world’s most ancient textile dyes and dip your hands into organic botanical blue. During the workshop, we’ll talk about how indigo works as a dye and the different types of indigo vats and play with a range of techniques to create vivid patterns with simple tools and everyday objects when dyeing with indigo. You are invited to bring 2 items of plant-based clothing or accessory (100% cotton or linen, up to 300g total) to this session and refresh your wardrobe!

This workshop includes:

  • Instructions to prepare your items of clothing prior to the workshop session

  • A recipe to create your own organic indigo vat at home

  • Tools and materials for the dyeing session