One of a kind, fibre art homewares and jewellery,
handmade sustainably with natural dyes for you and your home.

At the core of each and every MELO handmades' item is a passion for slow-creating and the desire to capture beauty. Often taking several days from start to finish, each piece of tapestry, jewellery and accessory is delicate and feminine, perfect for those who appreciate timeless elegance and fine quality. 

Originally from Singapore, MELO handmades is now based in Sydney, where every piece of tapestry, jewellery and accessory is lovingly handcrafted in my home studio. The fibre art technique of nuno-felting bonds high-quality merino wool fibres with fabrics, creating a base canvas for each item to be built upon. Splashes of colour are added with natural dye pigments, extracted from dye stuffs with hot water. Embellishments, ranging from beads and sequins to lace and hand-wound tassels, are hand-stitched one by one, before finishing each piece with the finest findings.

Stemming from the love of nature, MELO handmades also aims to respect Mother Earth in the best possible way. Natural materials are used as much as possible while careful planning and working in small batches minimise the waste created. Gift boxes are also made from recycled material while other packaging items such as ribbons and mailing pouches can be easily reused or recycled.

Along with the curated collection available online, MELO handmades also welcomes commissions and customisations, working closely with you every step of the way to create bespoke pieces for your special occasion.