What is nuno-felting?

Invented 25 years ago, nuno-felting, is a technique of binding wool fibres to a base of a thin, loose-woven fabric into a lightweight wool-fabric felt. Using warm soapy water and light hand-washing actions, the pH and temperature changes and agitation causes the wool fibres to shrink, intertwine and bond with the fabric, creating a felt. Compared to conventional all-wool felts, nuno-felts are softer, lighter, yet more pliable with richer textures due to the combined qualities of the wool fibres and fabric base. At MELO handmades, these characteristics of nuno-felts are employed to their fullest to create pieces that are luscious yet featherlight, delicate and yet flexible and versatile.


What about natural dyeing?

Natural dyeing is the art of extracting pigments from natural dye stuffs, such as flowers, fruits and vegetables, and using these pigments to colour fabrics. At MELO handmades, tea leaves, skins and stones of avocadoes, marigolds and purple carrots, are just some of the dye stuffs used to create a myriad of coloured elements. A solution of aluminium-sulphate and cream of tartar is used to pre-treat materials before dyeing as, like their synthetic counterparts, natural pigments perform their magic the best with some help to bond with the fabrics. The by-products of this dyeing process are thus non-toxic and environmentally friendly.


 How should I care for my MELO handmades item?

Due to the intricacy of our designs and the techniques used to produce them, we understand our products can look more delicate and fragile than they are. Below are some tips for making sure your item remains as beautiful as it was on the day you received it and for as long as possible.


While great care has been taken to ensure that the natural colours used in our are lightfast so that you can enjoy them in natural light, a small amount of fading or colour change is unavoidable, just as synthetic dyes do. A light spritz of steam from a steam iron (silk or wool temperature setting) will help to refresh your tapestry while unruly tassels can be tamed with light strokes from a loose-toothed comb.

Jewellery & hairpieces

All findings used in our jewellery and headpieces are either silver or gold-filled, unless otherwise stated and cleaning with a microfibre jewellery polishing cloth after wear will help to prevent tarnishing or colour changes. We also recommend avoid contact with liquids and chemicals, such as perfume and cosmetics and to store the pieces out of direct sunlight, in the boxes provided wherever possible.


How much does shipping my package cost and how long will it take to get to me?

MELO handmades is currently based in Sydney, Australia where all orders are packed and dispatched from. Most of the items on the website will have limited quantities already made and ready to ship, and I aim to have them packaged and shipped within 1 - 3 business days of receiving payment.

Personalisation requests and made to items will require more time to prepare, and depending on the complexity of the request, can take anywhere between 5 business days to 6 business weeks to dispatch. I'll be able advice in more detail upon receiving the order and any special requests you would have.
If time is tight and you’d like to receive your purchase sooner, get in touch with me via melo.handmades@gmail.com and I’ll try my best to work something out for you!

All packages are sent with tracking available, and unless requested specifically, with a signature required.

I received an email to say my order has been shipped, what’s next?

Happy mail is coming your way! All that’s left to do is sit back, relax and wait for the courier to ring your bell!
If you’d like to monitor your package’s travels, you can track it’s latest delivery status here by entering the tracking number in the delivery confirmation email.

Can you make something especially for me?

Yes, I can!

Get in touch with me via email at melo.handmades@gmail.com or on any of my social media platforms with your request and I’ll be happy to make something for your special occasion. As everything is handcrafted from scratch, custom orders will take, depending on the complexity of the design, 4 – 6 weeks to dispatch.


Exchanges & Returns

At MELO handmades, we strive to ensure that every item is in mint condition and packaged properly before dispatching. Should you be unhappy with your purchase, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via email to voice your concerns within 5 working days of receiving your item. All requests for exchange and refund will be reviewed and considered on a case-by-case basis and all returned items must be in brand new condition: unused and unworn, with the original packaging. MELO handmades reserves the right to reject items that do not fit into these standards. Made-to-order items and custom orders are not eligible for exchange or refunds unless faulty.